2021 & Up F150 Headlight Conversion Harness (Bi-LED to Projector LED)(HCM Incompatible)

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  • Converts the factory trucks that come with the bi-led headlights to the projector led headlights
  • Plug and play with some Forscan required
  • High beams and Adaptive LED will NOT work with this harness
  • The headlight control module (HCM) will not work with this harness, you will need our other bi-led to projector led harness
  • Will NOT work with halogen style trucks
  • This is for a pair (2), LH & RH, of harnesses
  • Made with factory-like connections
  • These are custom made and can take anywhere from 2-8 weeks to complete. Message us to get a more accurate timeframe before placing your order.

Customer Reviews

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Completely messed up my truck

This review is for this product, as well as the HCM with wire harness. I installed it, did the forscan changes, and lo and behold the highbeams worked. Initially, when I started the truck, there was a start up sequence where the low beams would move left right up down. The next time I started my truck however, the start up sequence didn’t happen. So then I shut my truck off and started it up again and the start up sequence only happens when I put it in drive however, the headlights only went left and right and are now stuck on the lowest possible adjustment so will be in the shine like 20 feet in front and I can’t see anything further. I have tried adjusting the manually, but they are already as high an I have tried adjusting them manually, but they are already as high as they can go. Also now my high beams only work intermittently. I will be driving on a highway and turn on high beams, but they do not work and will have to pull over and restart my truck for them to work. Also, I get random glitches like when I start my truck it will display press brake on the dash to start truck after it is already on. My Apple CarPlay randomly will freeze. I have had none of these issues until I installed these guys products. The issues are huge, safety concern, and aggravating to say the least.